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Unique Ways to Make Friends as an Adult in Philadelphia

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Surprise… you’re an adult! All of a sudden there’s no school, sports teams, or art clubs that you have to go to every day that will supply you with instant best friends. But fear not, Philly! Here are three out-of-the-box ways to make new friends in the city of brotherly love.

1. Get in the Swing of Things!

Whoa! Swing dancing? That’s so cool!

Photo by Bill He

You bet it is! Lindy Hop is alive and well in Philly, with multiple events happening across the city every week. Philly’s home for Lindy Hop & Jazz Dance is Jazz Attack – an event held every Thursday night at the Philadelphia Ethical Society (1906 Rittenhouse Sq) from 8-11pm.

Photo by Bill He

Never danced before? No partner? No problem! Nobody grows up swing dancing anymore, so most attendees start as adults, and about a third of the people at every event are new! Their beginner lessons, which take place from 8-9pm every week and are included in the $10 ticket cost (we love affordable events!) are a great place to meet new people, make friends, and pick up a fun new skill. Then you can dance the night away at the social dance from 9-11. Dance with someone new for each tune and by the end of the night you’ve got a new squad and some new moves!

If you’re looking for a particularly special night, check out their live band nights on the second Thursday of each month. Learn more and get tickets at

2. Hit the River! (Or… the slopes?)

Although it was founded in 1905, this isn’t your grandparents’ paddle club – it’s the Philadelphia Canoe Club!

Photo courtesy of

That’s right, you can join in your or the club’s kayaks and canoes for trips across the region’s waterways, from pleasant afternoons to extended adventures. You can even try out their signature winter kayak sledding at Valley Forge park or a snowy hill near you. Paddlers of all ages are welcome!

Learn more about their lessons, trips, and events at

3. Rock The Block

Did you know that all it takes to host a block party on your street is one form, $25, and a couple of signatures? That’s right! Anyone can do it!

Photo by Angelica Jaszek

Fire up the grill, queue up your favorite playlist, and block off your street for up to 8 hours. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and enjoy some delicious food. If you really want to go all out you could even start a collection to rent an adult bouncy house.

Be sure to apply at least three weeks in advance (or there’s an extra fee) and follow the neatly laid-out details on

Well there you have it!

Give these a try and you’re guaranteed to make some new friends, or at least pick up some great stories along the way. Comment below and let us know if you tried any of these fun activities!

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