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Lauren Levey

Safer Spaces, Leader

Lauren loves happy feet, be they kickin' some Charleston on the dance floor or in the form of lovingly constructed prosthetics; Lauren's calling in life is to bring joy to folks from the ground up. Lauren thinks your joke is hilarious, and has a special affinity for puns. She  wants to ensure your dance experience is a safe one

Zak Kneeland

Treasurer, DJ Coord.

He's the bombdiggity, the bean-counting, beat-procuring genius with fingers nimble enough to play that big old, honking piece of steal--the banjo for Parlour Noir.


Reach out to him to learn how to DJ for Jazz Attack or ask him to dance!

Nick Cruickshank

Community Engagement, PR

We're actually not sure if he's human or superman. We wouldn't be surprised if he had a superman costume under his latest swing exchange T-shirt-- you should definitely check.


Nick is Jazz Attack's Community Engagement Coordinator, leading JA's outreach programs, marketing, website redesign &  new projects, like the PRO series!

Kate Holden
Webmaster & Media

Hailing from Delaware, this gal is a force to be reckoned with. With fierce wit and skilled fingers, this chick can make a mean meme. 


Kate Holden is our Online Communications Coordinator, managing the website, educational social media (she makes the hilarious PSAs), and assisting with Safer Spaces. She's also a DJ & teacher!


Bryce Carpenter
In-Person Social Chair

He got his start in Lindy Hop with the West Philly Swingers and is bringing his expertise to support JA's community and dance family.He puts together meet-ups and hang-outs outside of Thursday evenings.

Have an idea for something fun to do to cultivate a warm, welcoming JA family? Reach out to Bryce!

Josh Williams
Volunteer Coordinator

They're yellow...they wear overalls...they are entities of pure evil...they're MINONS! Only one man is fit for the job of wrangling them and that is...Josh!

In all seriousness, Josh Williams with his many spreadsheets & schedules, organizes all of the volunteering that goes on at Jazz Attack. 

Jen Dandy

COVID Coordinator

Jen is Jazz Attack's Captain Marvel, always returning in times of need with badassery and awesomeness. She has returned to action during the COVID crisis and is our point person for ensuring that our events remain safe & fun. Catch Jengoboom in a ZOOM near you!

Matt Oldt

In-Person Teacher Coord.

Hailing from Hogwarts School of Floorcraft and Wizardry, Head-Matt-Ster Oldt uses his years of magical training and swinging out to ensure his fellow witches and wizards receive a top notch magical education!

Matt Oldt is our in-person Teacher Coordinator! Whether it's someone's first or hundredth lesson or, Matt ensures that it's a great one.

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