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Learning Lindy Hop for the first time? Looking to take it to the next level?  Whatever your dance goals are, you'll find plenty of learning opportunities here in Philly.

Newcomer Drop-In Lindy Hop: For the new & kind of new -- every week! A lesson designed to help you have fun on the social dance floor. Classes start promptly at 8:00pm, run until 9:00pm, and are included with general admission. Attendees are asked to arrive by 7:45 to stretch and get ready -- no admittance after 8:15. Let's dance!

*Drop in any time! No partner or experience necessary.

Intermediate Drop-In Lindy Hop: Feeling comfortable in your Lindy Hop and ready to step it up a notch? Jazz Attack offers drop-in intermediate lessons every week except live band nights to add an extra challenge. Dancers must be familiar with basic 6-count moves (basic, tuck turn, underarm turn/side pass, 6 count circle), basic personal styling, the 8-count basic, and should be able to clap on the first beat of a musical phrase. Teachers may send students unfamiliar with these topics to the beginner lesson to learn them. Be sure to check the Jazz Attack schedule to see the instructors and topics! These also run from 8-9pm and are an additional $5-15 sliding scale. 

Beginner & Intermediate Lindy Hop Series, Solo Jazz Drop-Ins: Looking to start taking your dancing to the next level? Jazz Attack isn't running progressive series or solo jazz lessons, but check out RagTag's lessons on Sundays at Urban Movement Arts. UMA also features an awesome assortment of Black and Latin vernacular dances.

This link will take you to the external RagTag site

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