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Learning Lindy Hop for the first time? Looking to take it to the next level?  Whatever your dance goals are, you'll find plenty of learning opportunities here in Philly.

Dancers can drop in to the class that's best for them any time! No need to sign up for multiple classes at once or attend consecutive weeks.

Lindy 101: Learn the basic steps of Lindy Hop from the ground up! Here we’ll cover the origins of the dance, its fundamental movements, and some basic turns. This lesson is meant for those with little to no experience with partner dancing and/or Lindy Hop. It’s recommended that this level be taken until you feel comfortable implementing these skills on the social dance floor. Classes start promptly at 8:00pm, run until 9:00pm, and are included with general admission. Attendees are asked to arrive a few minutes early to stretch and get ready -- no admittance after 8:15. Let's dance!

*Drop in any week! No partner or experience necessary.

Topics: Feeling comfortable in Lindy 101 and ready to step it up a notch? These lessons will hit a multitude of areas to help improve your dancing. Variations, solo jazz, choreos, drills, you name it - we’ve got it! We ask that you are comfortable with the skills covered in the Lindy 101 lesson before joining us downstairs -- check out those required skills below. Teachers may send students unfamiliar with these topics to Lindy 101 to learn them. Be sure to check the Jazz Attack schedule to see the instructors and topics! These also run from 8-9pm and are an additional $5-15 sliding scale. 

*Drop in any week! No partner necessary, Lindy 101 skills required (see above)

Advancing from Lindy 101 to Topics

Taken a few Lindy 101 classes and thinking about leveling up? Here's what you need to be able to do with confidence & clarity:

  • 6 Count Rhythms (Rock step, triple step, triple step)

  • Triple stepping in any direction

  • Groove / Pulse on time and matching the energy of the song

  • Dance and step on the beat, and recover if you lose time

  • Comfortable turning (when leading) or being turned (when following)

  • Doing all of the above on the social dance floor

  • Bonus: Take at least one Lindy 101 class in the opposite role, or try the opposite role on the social dance floor

  • Practice before you advance: Check out Laura Glaess' rhythm practice video (below) which will help you practice the basic 6 & 8-count rhythms, and mixing them together. This will happen all the time in our topics classes.

Dancers that meet all of the above requirements can try a topics class. Heads up! It'll likely be a challenge at first, but give it your best shot and don't hesitate to ask your classmates & community members for help -- we're all in this together!

Beginner & Intermediate Lindy Hop Series: Looking to start taking your dancing to the next level? Jazz Attack isn't running progressive series, but check out RagTag's lessons. Urban Movement Arts (UMA) also features an awesome assortment of Black and Latin vernacular dances that will deepen your understanding of Lindy Hop and dance / movement / culture in general.

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