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A Philly x Baltimore Lindy Exchange

Jazz Town, formerly Mob Attack Jazz Town, was started in 2023 as the significantly sleep-deprived brainchild of two of Jazz Attack's organizers, Kate & Mike. The idea was simple: Four days of live music & dancing brought to you by two of the powerhouse Lindy Hop cities of the East Coast, with inter-city invitational and open competitions as the cherry on top. Yep, an old school exchange with a new twist!

Years one and two brought together over 400 dancers each, and while we're aiming to crack 500 in 2025, we're more concerned with putting together something special for the residents of our two cities, plus the friends that join from afar to feel a bit of the magic.

Thursday - Live band hosted by Jazz Attack, the Ethical Society (Philadelphia)

Friday - Live band hosted by Mobtown Ballroom & Cafe (Baltimore)

Saturday - Live band hosted by Jazz Attack, a large & awesome venue (Philadelphia)

Sunday - Live band hosted by Rittenhop, free & outdoors in Rittenhouse square (Philadelphia)

Sometimes we add on bonus dances, like a Balboa afternoon, Monday Blues, or late night

Dates for Mob Attack Jazz Town 2025 will be released at a later date

Please send any questions or inquires to Kate @

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