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Being stuck at home won't stop us from learning! Join our weekly ZOOM events every Thursday night for lessons from amazing full-time artists. Description below, artist lineup below that.

We're running the Jazz Attack SPOTLIGHT SERIES & Jazz Attack PRO SERIES online: The name of the week's FB event will tell you what we're running that week.

SPOTLIGHT SERIES Lesson Level: These lessons are run by local instructors welcoming to all skill levels. The "Spotlight Series" is designed to shine a light on different topics in the worlds of lindy hop dancing, history, culture, and competition. It could be a set of dance drills, an interview, a documentary watch party, or something else, so check the event description beforehand!

PRO SERIES Lesson Level: These lessons are run by professional instructors and intended for folks with a solid beginner foundation in vernacular (solo) jazz. You can expect an instructor to shout out something like "Tacky Annies" or "Jump Charleston" without diving into an explanation of what each move means. HOWEVER, the first week of each month will be a movement-focused lesson that should be accessible to all levels. Additionally, starting in June, we will be booking instructors in 2-week blocks where the first week should be simpler.

*Drop in any week! All lessons will be able to be done without a partner.

PRO Instructors: Jazz Attack is committed to supporting the full-time artists that keep this scene swingin'. Many of these artists have lost nearly all of their work due to this crisis, so it's crucial that we're there to support them when we can. We are committed to supporting both our local artists and regional/national/international-level artists. Know someone you think we should support? Send us a message! Artist lineup below.

Recaps & Recordings: Each week's lesson will be accompanied by a recap video and some words of wisdom from the artist. We will make these available in the Jazz Attack Facebook Group, and will try to get them uploaded to YouTube soon. Lessons cannot be recorded in full to respect the privacy of our participants (who sometimes show up onscreen), the work of the artists themselves (same as we wouldn't record a full in-person lesson), and music copyrights.

*Please note that instructors will send along recaps when they're able, but this may not be right away

To Donate: It's contributions from dancers like you that make this all possible. We invite those who are able to contribute $5-15+, which directly support our PRO & DJ for the night. We aim to pay our PROs much more than their asking rate. We accept donations via Venmo: @Phrygian (preferred method; if asked, last 4 digits are 1650) or PayPal: philadelphialindyexchange@gmail.com

All classes run from 8:00-9:00PM EST. We encourage everyone to join the ZOOM at least 5 minutes early to get everything set up. Once the lesson begins, the JA team will mute your microphone. Depending on the number of people in the stream we may also mute participant videos to reduce lag. Let's dance!


Sep 24: LIVE Interview with Lindy Legend Sugar Sullivan

Lindy Legend Series

She's a bona fide lindy hop legend. Harvest Moon Ball Champion, international performer and instructor, and among the last generation of dancers to have actually danced the floors of the famous Savoy Ballroom. Don't miss her stories at this special event!

Sep 17: Shana Maria Weaver

PRO Series

‘Riffin’ with Count Basie’: this combo dance and lecture-style lesson will explore his use of ostinato and how we can react to it in our dancing.

Sep 10: Carla Crowen

PRO Series

Carla is the founder and creative director of LindyCentral. She relocated from CA to PA in 2015 and has reopened LindyCentral with the hopes of building a strong, welcoming dance community for all ages and levels. She has taught swing dancing as an invited quest instructor all over the world from Australia to China and all over the US and more. She has choreographed on the hit t.v. series "So You Think You Can Dance." Before raising a family, Carla competed internationally earning title such as World Lindy Hop Champion, US Open Swing Dance Champion, International Lindy Hop Champion and more. Come check out her fun, inspiring classes soon.

Sep 3: Nicole Chausse

Spotlight Series: Ryan Francois’ “Jitterbug Stroll!”

Nicole Chausse started swing dancing at the University of Virginia, and was a past president of the Swing Club at UVA. She lives in the Virginia/DC area and pre-Covid, enjoyed making trips up to Mobtown Ballroom in Baltimore. She loves to show off her dogs, Sam and Peach, and quarantine has made it super easy to let them in during lessons!

Aug 27: LIVE Interview with Lindy Legend Crystal Johnson

Lindy Legend Series

Born in 1948 in Harlem, New York City, Crystal Johnson started dancing when she was just 8 years old. At 15 she joined the famous Mamma Lu Parkets and started her long career as a professional Lindy Hopper. During her decades of dancing she has traveled the world performing, competing, and teaching all things Lindy Hop. In 1972 she won first place in the famous Harvest Moon Ball's Lindy Hop division. Nowadays, she continues to stay busy spreading her love of this dance by teaching anyone looking to learn, from beginners to world-class instructors.


Join us for her first live interview as we discuss the evolution of the scene from the 60's to now, challenges and stories from traveling the US and the world as a performing artist, and thoughts on what lies at the heart of Lindy Hop.

Aug 20: LaTasha Barnes

PRO Series: Variations within the Shim Sham

LaTasha “Tasha” Barnes is an internationally acclaimed and awarded dancer, educator, coach and ambassador of culture from Richmond, VA. Globally celebrated for her musicality, athleticism, and joyful presence throughout the cultural traditions she bears, which include: House, Hip-Hop, Waacking, Vernacular Jazz, and Lindy Hop. Her expansive artistic, competitive and performative skills have made her a frequent collaborator to and many international Urban Arts and Jazz/ Lindy Hop festivals & companies. Tasha’s forever purpose is to inspire fellow artists and art enthusiasts to cultivate an authentic sense of self in their creative expressions and daily lives.

Aug 13: Samantha Pincus

Spotlight Series: Getting Creative through Jump Charleston!

Hailing from the Armpit of America, Samantha Pincus was born at a young age. She started dancing in a vain attempt to not fall upstairs. Some may describe her as bald, unreliable and aggressive. But they would be wrong. Sam brought us a wonderful lesson jam packed with a fun and challenging jump charleston variations! 

Aug 6: Dee Daniels Locke

PRO SERIES: Footwork & Variations

Dee started Swing Dancing at the age of four with her Dad in the basement, wearing her Mom’s heels and her favorite plaid skirt. Dee loves feeling free on the dance floor. She advocates for self-expression and individual creativity as the spirit of solo jazz and Lindy Hop. She loves Lindy Hop's particular way of encouraging collaboration between music and partner, priding herself on making each dance unique to the musical experience and partner. Dee has taught, performed, and choreographed nationally and internationally, specializeing in vintage jazz and Lindy Hop.   

July 30: George Sullivan ILHC Legacy Interview Watch Party

Hosted by Nick Cruickshank & Anthony Risolio

In this 2006 interview conducted by Peter Strom and Skye Humphries, hear Mr. Sullivan discuss rhythm's role in swing music and dance, the uniqueness of the lindy hop, the elite "Savoy 400" club, his motivation to learn to dance, and his decision not to go into show business.

July 23: Mike McDermott & Amanda Salay

Spotlight Series: Easy, Med, and Hard Solo Routine

Mike & Amanda taught us 3 variations of the same solo routine that progressed from easy to medium to hard!

July 16: Mike McDermott & Amanda Salay

Introducing the Spotlight Series!

Mike & Amanda prepared a rundown of their favorite solo drills for partner dancers. They showed us how to use household objects to practice our partner dancing

July 9: Tyedric Hill

Tye brought the HEAT with an incredible Vernacular Jazz routine. To see even more of his awesome stuff check out his instagram channel @Tyedric_Hill

July 2: Danny Jonokuchi

Details To Be Announced

June 18 & 25: Erin Morris

Erin Morris brought us two awesome weeks of jazzy goodness, first with a sequence chock full of new twists on old rhythms, and then had us eat our veggies, get back to basics, and create something fresh.

June 4 & 11: Adam Brozowski

Weeks 1 & 2 of our LGBT+ influence in Lindy Hop & Jazz series

Week 1 (LECTURE): LGBTQAI+ History In Jazz and Swing: Adam Brozowski (He/Him) will share his research into the hidden queer roots and influence of Jazz and Swing. Along the way he will also speak about how Queer identity has shaped the Lindy Hop community in the past as well as modern day. We will look at influential artist, musicians, songs and stories of strong queer voices that have shaped the dances and music we love.

Week 2 (LESSON): Norma's favorite steps, re-imagined! Adam put together a really fun sequence for us that was chock full of great rhythms and movements. Sorry folks, we don't have a recap video for this one. You just had to be there!

May 28: Laura Glaess**

Week 5 of our Dancer/Bandleader focus series

San Antonio's finest, Laura Glaess is pulling double duty with a killer solo jazz lesson followed by a set of songs that's sure to get you movin'! In this class Laura shared some of her fivorite tips for transitions and shifting the emphasis of your solo jazz movements. Check out the recap below!

May 21: Christian Frommelt & Chelsea Reed (DJ)

Week 4 of our Dancer/Bandleader focus series

The incredible Christian Frommelt of St. Louis will take us through a solo movement journey, followed by Chelsea Reed's virtual DJ debut! Chelsea has specially curated a "Walking Tour Through Philly" set, featuring artists that have played right here in Philly with historical notes about the theatres that have been home to jazz right here in the city of brotherly love.

May 14: Naomi Uyama**

**DOUBLE TROUBLE: Lesson - Solo Jazz Routine, DJ Set - Naomi & Her Handsome Devils Deep Dive

Song: Little Girl Blues by Naomi & her Handsome Devils

May 7: Gaby Cook & the Boilermaker Jazz Band

Two-Part Solo Jazz Routine for your AABA or ABAB Enjoyment

Live Set from the Boilermaker Jazz Band

Learn a phrase of solo jazz choreography with Gaby! This is a combo created for the Virtual Jazz Attack Pro Series that includes a recap and brief breakdown of the movements. Music: "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" by Coleman Hawkins

April 30: Jon Tigert**

**DOUBLE TROUBLE: Lesson - Step Touch as the Foundation of Everything

DJ Set - Vintage Concert Videos that I Can't Play at a Social Dance

No recap video -- you just had to be there!

April 23: Ramona Staffeld

Bebop Solo Jazz Routine

Song: Au Privave by Hank Mobley (written by Charlie Parker)

April 16: Caleb Teicher

Variations on a Short Sequence

Song: Satin Doll by Duke Ellington

April 9: Carla Crowen

Drills for More Thrills

Creating habits, intentions and goals, initial steps, and creative spaces

Songs: Opus one (Gene Krupa), Georgia Camp Meeting (Paul Cosentino)

April 2: Evita Arce

"The Lenox" Routine by Syncopated City Dance Company

Song: The Lenox by Glenn Crytzer's Savoy Seven

March 26: Lily Kind

Charleston Combination and Breakdown

We don't have a recap from this one. You just had to be there! BUT you should check out Lily's weekly solo jazz classes with Urban Movement Arts

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